Micro Blog #10: Next Week Is A Big Dividend Week

Next week is going to be a big dividend week for most of us as many of the dividends for February are paid next week. For my portfolio, there would be at least seven companies paying dividends next week:

This should give me enough cash flow to go for a small buying spree, that is, if the market continues to offer bargains on my favorite stocks and yields meet my target range.

Here is my stock buy list as of today. The crossed-out stocks are the ones I already added during the current market dip, though I may still revisit JNJ, if it continues to decline. JNJ is hard to resist when yield gets above 2.7%.

The ones I haven't added yet are FLO, KMB, and VZ. Flowers Food (FLO) just announced strong earnings report and stock is up almost 6% today, while market is trending down another 200+ points today. So, FLO is high on my priority to be added next week as I'm afraid it may get expensive in the coming days.

The other two stocks on my buy list are VZ and KMB. Verizon would be higher on priority than Kimberly Clark due to Verizon paying a higher dividend yield. My plan is to add to both of them in the next week or two. Will see what happens.

Once all the stocks on my buy list have been added, I will go back and rebuild the list and may even recycle some of the same stocks for the next leg of buy opportunity as the market continues to be in a downward spin.

So, there you have it. That's my game plan for next week. What's your plan?

Disclaimer: None of the stocks mentioned should be taken as a buy recommendation. Please do your own research and due diligence before investing.


  1. My game plan is nice and boring... do nothing. :) I suspect there's even more opportunity to drop further, or we could have some bouncing around for awhile. We'll see! I stopped picking my own stocks recently, but still have faith in the long term market fundamentals.

    1. Well, it sure is a very boring plan. But you know as they say in investing, boring is often a good thing when it comes to investing in stocks. Problem is when people confuse boring with inaction.

  2. I'd like to start a position in VZ soon. As a T owner, it would be a nice compliment. I'm also a loyal Verizon cell phone customer. They have by far the best coverage in my neck of the woods.

    1. I like VZ too and use their wireless service as well. Get coverage!

      I already own VZ stock, but it is still on my buy list because it is only half a position and I need to build it up to a full position. It is though lower in priority at this time, as few other stocks are ahead of it.

      Who knows, by the time it is its turn to buy, it may be yielding 5%.

  3. You are right, you really did go on a buying spree. I like all those choices you picked up. Granted it has only been a few days, but SO looks like its leveling off. A few other keep going lower. Going to be hard to resist if they do.

    1. Yes, my buying spree was on steroids the last couple of days but it was still within my buying plan and overall investment objectives. That's why I always have a buy list/plan and use market swings to my advantage rather then contemplating on what to do and letting emotions take the best of me.

      With these recent buys, I increased my dividend cash flow by the amount that would have normally taken me six months or even a year to achieve, given how often I get the yields I want. Market just gave me a gift of near 5% yielders as a gift basket and I wasn't going to turn it down.

      If you are building up positions in your portfolio and your objective is to increase your cash flow, then you buy when a stock meets your yield/income objective, and you buy more again when it is its turn again, and you keep doing that till you got the full position.

      And once you have a full position, then you increase the full position one notch up and start all over again, buying all those dividend stocks one by one on their turn as they come into your dividend target range.

      It's like a conveyor belt of stocks, you pick'em as they come to you. That's how I do it ;)

  4. Mr. ATM,
    Wild ride in the market today. I added to SO before the afternoon surge upward. I wanted to add to D and O, but didn't for reasons I go into on my post Monday. I could probably be more aggressive with my purchases like you, but I'm content to just chip away little by little for now. We have survived the brunt of the snow storm. Mrs. DD's all tuckered out from shoveling. I might have to make dinner. :) Have a good weekend. Tom

    1. Nice move Tom.

      Utilities have been on the upward move the past two days, even though the overall market has been extremely volatile.

      Chipping away is a good way to go from here. I just needed to meet my key buy targets, so I went fast at first. I'll be taking a bit slow from here as well.

      Thanks for sharing the photo. Making dinner seems far easier than shoveling snow, if you ask me. You got the good deal there ;)

      Have a great weekend too.


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