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Micro Blog #3: Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Stock After A Dividend Cut?

Should you buy or even hold a stock after it cuts its dividend?

Here is what happened to the five companies I was tracking after they cut/suspended their dividends: Only two out of five companies showed recovery in stock price.

Micro Blog #2: Recent Market Dip and Dividend Opportunities

Despite all the excitement around the stock market with its ups and downs, it all comes down to one thing for me and that is income.My investment mission statement is to build dependable, predictable, and growing income regardless of what the market does day-to-day.

Even though the market has been in a nose dive for the past two days, cumulatively losing close to 2% of its value in just two days, my investment income hasn't changed at all.

Micro-Blog #1: REIT Selloff and its Affect on my Portfolio

Today stock market lost 177 points due to concerns over rising interest rates. Sectors like REITs are most sensitive to interest rates and were hit hard.

Assessing damage to my portfolio from today's REIT selloff:

Speed Reading Earnings Report: Beyond The First 60 Seconds

This is a continuation of my previous post: How To Speed Read An Earnings Report In 60 Seconds Or Less

Assuming you did the first 60 second read of the earnings report and still didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling for the dividend safety. Well, now you have to spend a bit more time digging into the report.

But fear not. I promise, you can still get through the earnings report in less than 15 minutes and get to a reasonable conclusion about the dividend safety. You do this by simply extending your word search in the earnings report and paying attention to the management's use of words to describe dividends.

How To Speed Read An Earnings Report In 60 Seconds Or Less

I own around 40 stocks in various sectors of the market and during the earnings season, I have to read each one of the 40 earnings reports to make sure companies I invest in are doing well, and there is no imminent danger to my investment objectives.

Reading quarterly earnings report on companies one invests in, is a due diligence that I think all serious investors should do. However, reading earnings report can be a daunting task, especially if you have a well diversified portfolio of several stocks. In my case, you may think it would take me days if not weeks to go through all the 40 reports.

But, what if I tell you, it only takes me less than 60 seconds each, to go through the majority of my stock's earnings reports? How I do this?

Well, let me fill you in on a couple of tricks I use to speed read the earnings reports.