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A Lesson From History: Market Does Not Go Down In A Straight Line

During the 2009 market crash, we had three chances to get out before the market took a nose dive. Once you miss these chances, you better hold-on tight and make sure you don't own any low quality stocks.

How To Know When To Sell A Stock?

One of the most difficult decisions in stock market investing is to know when to sell a stock.

I've been investing for over 20 years now, but I still struggle with this decision. It is especially true when the stock in question is one of my top performing stocks. It can be quite tempting to take a profit and run; however, taking a profit may not be a good long-term decision.

To make a decision to sell such a stock, I go through a sequence of questions that I ask myself and then depending on the answers I get, I would either keep the stock or sell it for a profit.

Our Utah Summer Vacation Part I

Thought, I write about our recent Utah summer vacation and take a break from usual investment related topics and "market is falling" rant.

For 2017 summer vacation, we picked Utah as our destination because we wanted to visit Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park.

My Dividend Stock Shopping List

Check out my stocks shopping list!

I maintain a shopping list of stocks that I'm interested in buying under right buying conditions.

The right buying conditions come true when certain valuation, dividend, and price movement metrics reach a reasonable value or an attractive range.

My Half Year Stock Buy Performance Analysis

In this post, I will share with you the performance of my recent stock picks using a simple back-testing method.

You can use short-term back-testing to fine-tune your stock picking ability to maximize long-term profits and margin of safety.