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Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Do you hate your job? Are you frustrated at work? Do you wish you could do something else with your life?

Well, you are not alone. According to a new Gallup study on the American workplace, two-thirds of employees are disengaged at work, or worse resent their jobs.

This is no way to live your life!

Is Apple A Buy After Recent Sell-Off?

With a market value of nearly $750 billion, Apple is by far the most valuable and well known technology companies today. In terms of its stock price, it has had a great run for the past 12 months with a one year return of around 20%. In comparison, S&P 500 has returned about 15% for the same period.

Apple also pays a current dividend yield of 1.74% and has recently increased its dividend in access of 10%. Barring the low yield, the dividend increase is quite good and qualifies it as a high quality dividend growth stock that is also a fast growing technology company.

Lessons To Be Learned From My Stock Sale History

I believe, there is some truth to the following investment quotes:
More money is lost selling stocks than just keeping the shares and enjoying the ride through ups and downs of the market.Your stock portfolio is like a bar of soap, the more you touch it, the smaller it gets.