"Blogging" What's in it for me and you?

I started blogging about six months ago and after retiring early from my engineering job/career of 20 years. Since then, I have published about thirty nine different posts (including this one) covering personal finance, early retirement, and investing related topics.

As of today, my total page viewership is close to 12,000 pages from many different countries with majority from the US, Canada, and Israel. It's not too bad for a readership and a fair return for the amount of effort.

I don't actively promote my blog other than occasionally commenting on other early retirement or investment blogs. You will also not see any ads or affiliate links on my site. It is not my intention to make money from this blog despite being "Mr. All Things Money". I will explain later why I chose this name for my blog.

Blogging is mainly a hobby for me, I don't see it as anything more. It's just a way for me to pass some free time while practicing writing skills and sharing my investment ideas and analysis. I do enjoy blogging to some extent but would not call it a passion.

However, I do love investing. I eat, sleep, and dream about investing, it is my passion and I can talk about it forever. Blogging simply gives me an outlet to talk about my passion with whoever that is listening or can benefit from it.

What am I selling?

Nothing, Zero, Zilch!

I am not blogging to sell you anything, not an Investment Newsletter or a 10-Step Plan to becoming a millionaire.

As a matter of fact, I'm very dubious of anyone who is selling such products. Ask yourself, if their investing system is so great and have made them tons of money than why they even need to sell you some measly subscription plan or newsletter for a few bucks? They should just sit back and make tons of money with their investment plan and not bother with any of the hustling that goes on with self-promotion.

Well maybe they are just too nice and want to share a bit of love with you by giving you their precious investment strategy and a list of next best stocks that are soon to rise like Google or Facebook. All you have to do is just buy or subscribe to whatever they are selling for just a few bucks a month and you will be on your way to becoming rich like them. Sure! I would run away from such schemes as fast I can.

I am no Mother Teresa, nor I do have anything to sell you. All I do is share with you what I do for investing and how I do fundamental analysis before buying a stock. I also share with you my core principles and some common sense rules that I employ across all my investing. My blog is just a window into how I invest and that's all to it.

What's my investment credibility?

I don't have any professional credibility when it comes to finance or investing. The only business or finance related classes I took in college were Econ 101 and Engineering Econ (a 300 level course) that all engineering students had to take. I am an Electrical Engineer by training and a Computer Engineer/Architect by profession with 20 years of experience in high tech industry.

So, I do have credibility as an engineer but maybe not as an investor, at least not in a professional sense.

However, if you take into account that I used my brain to free myself from the daily grind of a stressful job by self-learning to invest and becoming financially independent, then maybe I do have some credibility as an individual investor.

No one in their right mind would leave a highly payed and well appreciated career of 20 years to become some nobody individual investor if they didn't know what they were doing.

I had the power to walk away from my long-term employer despite all the money and prestige being offered. That is the power you get when you don't need to work for money, I have confidence in myself as a person who knows how to manage money well and can invest wisely that I don't need a paycheck anymore.

Why I don't share my Net Worth or Income/Expense Specifics? 

I don't blog to brag or share my net worth or how much money I made last month or the month before. I am also not a penny pincher or minimalist who can show you how much money I saved every month by living on bare minimums. I am sure there are plenty of people who love to live as a minimalist, but I am not one of them.

We live a very comfortable life with many modern comforts. It's just that we don't waste money in acquiring meaningless things. We only buy what we need and occasionally splurge on experiences that make us happy.

Also, I am not a professional investor or a financial professional. Everything I do with personal finance or investing is self-learned over the years and applied in my own life. You can follow me if you like, but do your own due diligence when investing or making financial decisions.

All I can tell you is that my net worth is big enough that I don't have to work anymore for someone else, my investments are successful enough that I have a growing stream of income that can cover all my expenses in the foreseeable future, and I am smart enough to understand the value of money, manage it well, and make it work harder for me and my family rather than me working for money.

Why I named my blog 'Mr. All Things Money'

Initially, I wanted to use my blog to talk about all personal money matters such as how to live within one's means, how to invest, how not to do stupid and superficial things with money like buying expensive cars, taking vacations on borrowed money or buying a house that one can't afford, how to manage money wisely by tracking expenses and controlling spending, how to make money work for you rather than you working for money all your life and into retirement. Those type of things.

At least that was the original idea behind my starting a blog, sharing my own path to early retirement. When I announced to my colleagues that I am retiring early, many were intrigued. I even got a call from this co-worker that I hadn't heard in over 10 years, he mainly wanted to know how I did it. To me it was very simple, spend less and invest more. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.

Over the years, I have lectured several of my friends about value of simplicity and living within one's means. However, I can't say if I made any dent in their thinking. It's a fruitless pursuit to tell people how to be financially responsible.

Most people would not change their ways. If they have been a spender all their lives and hooked on to easy money via low interest loans and easy credit, they will continue to live that way till they lose everything in the next financial crisis. Our bankruptcy laws make it easy to wipe out all debt and start all over again, so why change anything?

Therefore, I have decided to only write about investing and not to lecture people about personal finance or being financially responsible as it is a fruitless and exhausting endeavor. Besides, there are plenty of other blogs/sites that talk about money saving ideas and tips to becoming rich or millionaire etc. I'm not going to write about any of that stuff.

My focus for this blog will be mainly to write about my own investing related ideas and actions I take. This is also a good way for me to keep a diary on my investment decisions and progress.

I guess I should have named my blog "Mr All Things Investing".

What can you do?

Read my blog if you like my writing and see it useful. Know that I only write about things I believe in and I am very sincere about what I write. I take my own medicine when it comes to investing. I am passionate about investing and believe that it is a path to becoming financially independent if one puts time and effort into learning it well.

We live in a society that is consumption driven, the more and bigger things we have the better. I understand we have to fit in the world we live, but that doesn't mean we have to be mindless and irresponsible money spenders. Money is an important resource in our lives, when used wisely it can make our lives full of opportunities and comforts while providing opportunities to help others in need.

When not used wisely, money can be the repulsive force. I read it somewhere and it is so true: "The easiest way to get rid of someone from your life is to ask them for money or loan them some money. Do this and you will never see them again!"

I will continue to blog for now as long as it gives me some level of satisfaction that I am doing something good and meaningful. If I get tired of it or don't see much value in it then I will take a break or may stop writing all together.


  1. Firstly, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, your posts are always a pleasure to read and contain extremely good info on your processes as an investor and to help me examine and form by own opinions on the topics.

    I, for one, would appreciate hearing more specifics of money management in addition to the investment side. Readers of your blog may benefit from more than just broad advice of "spend less, invest more" on our own path to FI. What optimizations have you done in your life to save more? Perhaps some things you've done readers like myself haven't thought of optimizing or could benefit from thinking about again.

    For me personally, getting a glimpse into other peoples' relationship with money when doing things like grocery shopping, or automotive repair, or home improvement help me to identify my own paradigms and biases that I may not even think about unless prompted.

  2. Thank you reading and for your thoughtful feedback. I don't use budgeting as it never worked for me and I found it to be unsustainable like dieting. I use a simple but different approach to saving and managing money and it has worked for me for two decades. Since you asked, I will share with you and my other readers some of the techniques and tools that I use to save and manage money. Thanks again.

  3. Excellent review of your blog. I am glad you aren't trying to sell us anything and are just another genuine blog sharing your experiences because you can. I hope you can continue on this path for quite some time and keep sharing with us all. Appreciate it.


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