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Is 30 A New Retirement Age?

Well it sure seems that way. I keep reading posts after posts of people who want to retire in their 30s. Is this even possible?

It depends on what early retirement means to you. For example, if early retirement simply means reaching financial independence and living a free and frugal life while doing something meaningful then that is definitely achievable. However, if early retirement implies sitting at the beach all day and spending money like there is no tomorrow then you may need to win one of those hundred plus million dollar lotteries.

Two Key Virtues of a Successful Investor

I believe in being disciplined and patient when it comes to investing. I don't know how many times these two characteristics have saved me from making bad investment decisions or acting on an impulse.  
Let's say you recently got a financial windfall and now you are sitting on some cash that you would like to invest in a broader market using a low cost Index Fund. You can either go all-in and invest the entire sum of money in one big lump-sum, you can try to time the market, or take the dollar-cost-average approach.

Are Your Investments Election Ready?

With US elections next week, there is a lot of anxiety in the air and stock market is feeling it as well. It's a tight election and either of the candidates could win the presidency; however, market expects Hillary to win. In other words, markets have priced in Hillary's win but not priced in a Trump victory.

According to some market pundits, if Trump wins, we could see a 5-10% immediate drop (akin to Brexit reaction) and then a possible recession later in the year. On the other hand, if Hillary wins, the market would likely see a sharp rally as a sign of relief and then back to what it has been doing the past year or so (i.e. modest growth).