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How to Overcome Investment Anxiety or Fear

Investing can be nerve wrecking, especially if you are new to it or just getting your feet wet for the first time. However, in today's modern age of internet and easy access to information, it is much easier to get started and do well. 

Do You Know What Success Looks Like?

Having a goal is important but what is more important is knowing what success looks like. Without that knowledge, you don't know what you really want.

There are many pieces to becoming successful in anything; however, having a vision is probably the most important piece. Without a clear vision, you don't know what you are working towards or what the success would or should look like, and whether it is something you really want.

Vision is what allows us to manifest success in our own minds before it can be worked-on in a material form.

Build an Emergency Fund for a Rainy Day

What is a an Emergency Fund?
Emergency fund is a sum of money set aside to deal with any unexpected personal or financial emergencies such as losing a job, medical emergency, home repair, car trouble, etc. The funds should be readily available if a need arise and should be kept in a safe place such as in a bank or credit union.

I Survived 3 Months of Early Retirement :)

As of today, I have survived 3 months of early retirement, Yay!!!

Yes, it's been full three months since I left my job and engineering career at Intel to retire early. Also, I am not shedding any tears as it was more of an accomplishment for me to leave Intel on my own terms and after 17-years of service.