Japanese bakery to live for

No, I am not opening a bakery. This post is about a Japanese bakery that I visited today with Mrs. ATM (All Things Money). We have been waiting for years for such a bakery to open in Portland. And finally, our dream has come true and now we have an awesome Japanese bakery nearby. We don't have to drive 3 hours to Seattle anymore to visit a Japanese bakery :)

If you have never tried Japanese bread or pastries, you don't know what you are missing. It's like having French pastries that are made with Japanese ingenuity and perfection.

Let me introduce you to Oyatsupan Bakers. They recently opened their bakery in Beaverton, OR -- a suburb of Portland. If you are in Portland area, you should definitely check them out. I have included  a Yelp link at the end of this post.

The picture below is a small sample of goodies we picked up this morning at Oyatsupan Bakers:

A sample of baked goods at Japanese bakery: Oyatsupan Bakers

Item# 1 & 2: Mellon Pans
These breads are called Mellon Pan. Pan in Japanese means bread and Mellon because these breads are shaped like a Mellon cut in half. Maybe they should call them Half Mellon Pan. There is no Mellon fruit or Mellon taste in these breads. The yellow Mellon Pan is the regular pan with slight sweetness and flakiness, but soft texture. The green Mellow Pan is the Macha or Green Tea flavor pan. If you have had a Mochi Green Tea ice cream, the green Mellon pan tastes a bit like that. It has a taste of green tea with slight sweetness. Because these Mellon pans are quite light and flaky and not too sweet, they go very well with coffee or milk tea.

Item# 3: Curry Deep Fried Donut
Think of it as a deep fried donut without a hole but filled with delicious beef curry inside. This is very soft and yummy. Curry used in this bun is a type of Japanese curry and not to be confused with Indian spicy curry. These Japanese curry buns are very popular. A guy standing next to us bought an entire dozen of these to go and almost cleaned-up half the shelf. Luckily, we got there in time to try it before they were all gone.

Item# 4: Simple Croissant
It is a basic Croissant that we can get anywhere; however, this one is made with the special Japanese touch. Which means the Croissant is extra flaky and not overly buttery. I can easily eat a couple of these and not feel too heavy.

Item# 5: Flaky Pastry with freshly cut bananas and drizzle of hazzle sauce 
Super yummy pastry. It's a bit sweat but delicious. I don't have the words to describe it. It's just too awesome!

Item# 6: Soft long bread with custard and chocolate filling
Japanese custard is world famous and when you fill a soft bread with it, it's mind bogglingly good. The chocolate filling nicely coexists with the custard filling and gives a nice contrast to the overall taste. Extremely mouth watering!

Item# 7: Another Flaky Pastry with fresh cut strawberries and thinly cut flakes of white chocolate
I am simply out of words to describe this one. You just have to try it.

This is just a small sample of what they offer. The bakery also has hot and cold drinks including green tea latte. Items are a bit on the expensive side but again they are high quality Japanese baked goods that are freshly baked daily and hard to find unless you live in Japan or lucky enough to have a Japanese bakery in your city.

There are just too many different types of breads and pastries to try in this bakery. The two of us got a bit pastry crazy today and ended up buying the entire tray that you see in the picture. Total cost for our tray of these seven goodies was around $20 and it was more than enough for two of us. We actually saved two of the pastries for later :)

It may be a good idea to go there with friends and share the cost while sampling as many items as you can. Here is a Yelp link for more info: Oyatsupan-bakers-beaverton

Have you been to a Japanese bakery?


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