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 Brief introduction of factory

      The company'smanufactory located besides the beautiful FuchunRiver. The manufactory covers a total area of 26600m2, workshop area of 11000m2, the largest plant of: 84m×27m. Its cranes have the 100t/32t lifting capacity.

      The manufactory was composed of metalworking workshop, large machine workshop, rivet welding structure workshop, electrical workshop, electrical laboratory, finished products, semi-finished storage and general assembly workshop. Therefore, except the casting and forging processed by other professional manufacturers, our manufactory can complete all the rest machining and assembly of unit components as well asmanufacturing of electrical products.

      The manufactory hasmore than 200 experienced workers. Machine operators are certificated. Testing or inspection personnel and technical staffs are conducted by industry professional training and have certificates. The annual production capacity of manufactory equipments can reach $ 200 million.








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