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Industry standards


Industrial standard legislation

       These 8 National standard and industrial standard which have been finished were drafted and published by our company and there are 4 standards have been done by our company.

Ø GB/T21718-2008《Basictechnical requirementsof smallhydro turbine》                  National standard

Ø SL374-2007《Pre-coolingrequirements of concretefreezer》                                  industrial standard

Ø SL375-2007《Technical conditions for cable crane》                                              industrial standard

Ø SL397-2007《Assembledmicro-Hydroelectric generating set》                                industrial standard

Ø GB/T21717-2008《Parameters and performancetechnical requirements for small hydro turbine》                 National standard

Ø SL421-2008《Bucket wheeldredgertechnical conditions》                                       industrial standard

Ø 《CraneSafety Regulations of Water conservancy and hydropowerindustry》        industrial standard

Ø 《Periodicconcrete mixing plant (station)》                                                             industrial standard

Ø 《Basictechnical requirementsof smallHydro generator》                                         National standard

Ø 《Portal-type crane applied to water conservancy and hydropower construction》industrial standard

Ø 《Concrete mixerapplied to water conservancy and hydropower construction》    industrial standard

Ø 《Fullhydrauliccontrolled pressure regulating valve》                                               industrial standard



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