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Brief instruction of the technological development for company


Company adopt following software used on design:

Ansys CFX fluid analysis software 

    ?3-D flow analysis and performance prediction of water turbine

    ?the finite element analysis of temperature field for generator

Ansys Mechanical finite element analysis 

    ?finite element stress, deformation analysis

EDS Solidedge 3 d modeling 

    ?carry out the moving simulation and interference  analysis for parts 

      Though adopting above analysis method, the computer can analyze the stress of the flow field, temperature field and structure for hydro-generator unit and calculate the ventilation, heating and cooling. As a result, it will effectively overcome these key technological difficulties such as heat conduction calculation and steel strength calculation for hydroelectric generating set. The powerful development capacity and the advanced research technology guarantee supplying hydroelectric generating set with high efficiency, great stability and long-life for clients.

Our company built up cooperation relationship with FUJI ELECTRIC,WasedaUniversity, University of East Asia and other institutions in order to continuously promote technology and follow the step of the world. It carried out the technological research and development, proceeded the stimulation research for the turbine blade performance and assigned designer to do advanced study and training in Japan, what did it do was to apply most advanced design ideals and design approaches into the designing of product structure.

      Our company has been built up long-term cooperation relationship with FUJI ELECTRIC. Both sides have cooperated and achieved many achievements in the items of technological development, rotating wheel stimulation calculation of the turbine, the insulation technological development of generator, manufacturing technology and so on.

      The technology system of our company refer to the technology standard of FUJI ELECTRIC and our technological elites were always assigned to FUJI ELECTRIC to do further study and grasp international advanced design concepts and methods of the hydroelectric generating set. FUJI ELECTRIC also annually assigned some experts to our company for technological communication at fixed period and some experts serve as technological consultant for our company, as a result of promoting the design level of the hydroelectric generating set.

      As the unique partner of FUJI ELECTRIC on hydro-electrical project in china, our company carried out its strict production administration in the light of ASME (Mechanical Engineer Association in America) standard. What’s more, our company also supplied the products for FUJI ELECTRIC’s project Madao power station in Japan and contracted electromechanical equipments and technical services for Huong dien Hydropower Project in Vietnam.

 (The right picture above shows one picture of Hydroelectric project cooperation meeting between FUJI ELECTRIC and our company.)


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