The underwater ocean instrument power

Marine energy underwater for marine instrument power supply system

  The underwater ocean instrument power supply system by ocean energy is another special fund project of the State Oceanic Administration undertaken by Hangzhou Jianghe Hydro-Electric in 2016. The unit can provide continuous power supplement for a 300-meter underwater device with 5 years designing life. The system was tested in Qingdao at the end of 2019 and passed national acceptance in November 2020.
  The project has obtained a number of authorized invention patents. It adopts the no-source variable pitch and no-motive sealing technology, which can be started at 0.3m/s, and is equippe.
Name Parameter
Rated output 120W
 Rated voltage 36V
Diameter Φ1.8m
Rated flow rate 1m/s
Rated speed 28r/min


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