Monday, March 20, 2017

My Personal Activity Happiness Tracking

They say true happiness is found in doing things that you enjoy the most and least time spent on things you dislike. So, I went on an exercise to see what daily chores or activities I like or dislike and how they rank on my happiness score.

Happiness Score of 10 - I love it!
Happiness Score of 1 - I would rather go back to work (unretire) than do this.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Where to find free stock research material for your investment needs

I've been somewhat lazy when it comes to updating my blog. Well they say, spend more time doing things where you get the most returns and less time on things that give least returns. Therefore, I spend more time on my investments and improving my health than on blogging. Nevertheless, I still like to keep my blog alive with occasional updates.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

10 Smart Ways Americans Save Money

I got the idea for this blog from a recent article I read on MSN. It is called "6 really dumb ways Americans waste money", I have attached the link to it at the bottom of this post in case you want to read it.

I didn't quite like the negative tone of that article and how it was portraying us when it comes to money matters.

Therefore, I wanted to write something to counter that article by sharing how Mrs. ATM and I save money and there are millions of my fellow Americans who are doing the same and even better.

Internet is full of blogs and stories of such people who have worked their way into financial independence by adopting frugality.

I liked a recent story about Warren Buffet (the billionaire investor) where he took his friend Bill Gates (the richest guy in the world) to McDonalds and used coupons to buy their meals. He is not cheap, he is smart in applying the concept of 'value buying' to everything he purchases.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Better Way to Build a Bond Ladder

Investors often gripe with what to do with the uninvested cash sitting in their brokerage accounts earning next to nothing interest rate while waiting for a market correction. I've been feeling the similar blues as I do have some cash from recent sales of a few overvalued stocks that I would like to reinvest.

However, the market is quite overvalued and it's hard to find bargains. Therefore, I would like to find a good place to park my cash while I wait for a bargain or a correction to show up.

So what are the choices for parking cash and earning some interest?

Banks hardly pay anything. My bank currently pays 0.03% interest on a money market savings account. An online only bank could pay up to a 1%, but I don' t like online only banks. Call me old fashion but I like to put my money in a bank or brokerage that has a physical brick & mortar presence so that I can go there and talk to someone if a need arise.

Also CDs (certificate of deposits) don't pay much either. You have to lock your money in a CD for several years to get 1-2% interest. I want the ability to pull out cash for investment as needed without having the cash tied into some long-term CD.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Blogging" What's in it for me and you?

I started blogging about six months ago and after retiring early from my engineering job/career of 20 years. Since then, I have published about thirty nine different posts (including this one) covering personal finance, early retirement, and investing related topics.

As of today, my total page viewership is close to 12,000 pages from many different countries with majority from the US, Canada, and Israel. It's not too bad for a readership and a fair return for the amount of effort.

I don't actively promote my blog other than occasionally commenting on other early retirement or investment blogs. You will also not see any ads or affiliate links on my site. It is not my intention to make money from this blog despite being "Mr. All Things Money". I will explain later why I chose this name for my blog.

Blogging is mainly a hobby for me, I don't see it as anything more. It's just a way for me to pass some free time while practicing writing skills and sharing my investment ideas and analysis. I do enjoy blogging to some extent but would not call it a passion.